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News Guangdong

Senior CPC official stresses high-quality development of Chinese movies

A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has stressed promoting innovation in the Chinese movie industry to achieve high-quality development of domestic films.

HK court's ruling draws criticism

A ruling by the High Court in Hong Kong related to the Emergency Regulations Ordinance and the anti-mask law has drawn severe criticism from central authorities and legal professionals who expressed concern that such a ruling challenges the authority of the country's top legislature.

2nd East Tech West kicks off in Nansha

On November 18th, CNBC, a world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage, held the second East Tech West in Nansha District, Guangzhou.

20 joint projects signed at 10th meeting of Singapore-Guangdong Collaboration Council

The 10th meeting of Singapore-Guangdong Collaboration Council was held in Guangzhou on November 18th. It attracted government officials, enterprise and academic representatives from both places to share their stories of partnership and shed light into future opportunities for cooperation.

Evergrande to enter NEV market fast

Chinese property development company will invest 45 billion yuan in auto sector by 2021

Pork prices to stabilize in long term on fresh supplies

Rates set to taper down in China after year-end, festive demand, says expert
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